How Much is the Cabinet Painting Cost for 2022

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If you are wondering how much cabinet painting cost in 2022, we will provide you with a guide if you want to do the job of painting kitchen cabinets yourself. Though cabinets professionally painted tend to have higher quality, the skill to paint cabinets is relatively easy to learn, though it takes time and a lot of practice. So, if you want to learn how much it cost to paint kitchen cabinets yourself, here below are cabinet painting tips on which factors to consider when calculating and comparing the cost to paint kitchen cabinets:

How Much Does It Cost For Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painters To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

To start, we would like to share the national average cost for hiring professional painters. The cost to paint kitchen cabinets ranges from $600 to $1,000. This cost to paint kitchen cabinets covers eight cabinet doors and accessories. However, if you want an additional cabinet door painted, it will cost more because professional painters will base their price per square foot.

How Much Is the Cost of Painting Kitchen Cabinets Yourself?

Painting cabinets require specific materials for you to paint them properly. For the best quality finish on cabinet surfaces, the best cabinet painting method to consider is spray painting cabinets instead of brushing them. In this case, you may need to borrow specialized equipment if you don’t have them ready. Aside from spray painting equipment, you will need plenty of drop cloths and painter’s tape to protect your countertops and flooring from dust and paint. Finishing will require paintbrushes and sandpaper to clean and prepare the cabinet surfaces between coats.

The total material costs for your kitchen cabinet painting project will depend heavily on the quality and quantity of the paint you select. Though not definitive, let us share with you the estimated cost for each painting material you will need for painting kitchen cabinets:

  • Painter’s Tape: $7
  • Drop Cloths: $10
  • Paint Roller Covers and Frames: $20
  • Paint Brushes for Detailing: $10
  • Spray Paint Equipment Rental: $40/day
  • Paint Sprayer for Purchase: $80 to $120
  • Painter’s Gloves, Masks, and Other Safety Equipment: $40
  • 1 Gallon of Sherwin Williams Paint: $45
  • 1 Gallon of Primer: $40

Considering the average size of kitchen cabinets and the number of cabinet boxes involved in your kitchen cabinet painting project, the total material costs are between $200 to $400. The price will go higher depending on how much paint you will use. Moreover, a complicated cabinet layout may cost more to paint than simple layouts. Judging by material costs alone, the kitchen cabinet painting costs will be lower if you DIY your project than the cost to paint a cabinet when done professionally.

How To Save Money During My Kitchen Repainting DIY Projects?

One main advantage of painting kitchen cabinets yourself is how you can save money by being more flexible with choices of paint, acquiring or borrowing equipment, and other actions.

Selecting The Type of Paint

Planning carefully affects cabinet paint costs significantly. For instance, if you choose multiple colors, you may waste paint at the end of your DIY project. Another suggestion is to buy your paint in quart sizes to ensure you will buy just the paint you need, especially if you are refacing cabinets or doing a kitchen cabinet refinishing project. Consider also the type of paint you will be using. Glossy and enamel paints usually cost more than flat paints. Moreover, it is harder to dispose of leftovers in the case of enamel paints.

Rent Your Supplies

If you don’t have spray painting equipment ready, you may want to consider dropping by at your nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s stores for rental equipment. You may also ask if they also have other home improvement supplies for rent, such as paint rollers. However, the best route is to ask around if you have friends who can lend you their idle equipment.

Hunt For Paint Sales

One of the best ways to save on paint costs is to look for hardware stores that run a sale. They might dispose of dented cans for a significant discount. Moreover, you may look at the Facebook marketplace or Craigslist for people looking to sell excess paint.

Takeaways: Always Remember Getting the Best Value Whether You DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets or Have Them Professionally Painted

Though painting cabinets yourself will save you money because of not having to pay the labor costs, a professional cabinet painter offers value because of being able to save you time to do other activities. Moreover, a professional painter will also guarantee the quality of their job. A kitchen cabinet painting project is a worthwhile activity. However, if you see the value of time savings and peace of mind, you can always call a dependable painting contractor to do the job for you. For a free estimate for painting your kitchen cabinets, call us at 480-930-2360, or contact us.

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