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Cabinet Painting Services

As experienced and professional house painters, we take pride in transforming interior spaces with our skills and techniques. Whether you want a new coat of paint for new cabinets, cabinet interiors, or for your existing cabinets that need cabinet refacing, we ensure that you always have excellent results! We guarantee that our cabinet painters are professional painters that can produce an amazing job and well-polished detail paint from cabinet frames to new cabinet doors. Among our interior painting services, we also offer painting kitchen cabinets.


Painting cabinets, especially cabinet doors, has its challenges. To paint cabinets, a painter needs to consider the wood they are dealing with. The cabinet painting process is highly-reliant on experience and preparation as much as the execution. With decades of experience with satisfied clients in Chandler Az, and the East Valley Area for their interior painting demands, we also take pride in our excellent work with kitchen cabinets. If you want to paint kitchen cabinets we will ensure that we provide quality craftsmanship to bring a durable finish to your cabinets.

Cabinet Painting Services Include:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Services
  • Cabinet Boxes
  • MDF or Wooden Cabinets
  • Bathroom and Laundry Room Cabinet Painting as well as for other rooms
  • Drawer Fronts
  • And Much More!

Ask Us About Cabinet Painting

Many of our recent requests for cabinet painting are for applying new paint over old kitchen cabinet doors. Beginners often make mistakes on dealing with the old paint, making the finish coat result in a less than satisfactory finish. As experienced interior painters and experts in cabinet painting, we know how to deal with all kinds of surfaces. For instance, latex paints may not work well for rough surfaces such as rustic wood.
High-quality plywood such as Baltic birch and maple is the best. They take in paint better than most wood. These types of wood are easy to paint with a tack cloth, putty knife, and a suitable primer. However, since we have been painting kitchen cabinets for decades, we can achieve a perfect finish for any kind of wood or MDF.
Over 80% of clients choose us based on the fact that we do all the work at our shop and not in you the customer’s driveway, or garage.
First we start by Removing all door fronts to bring back to our shop. We then Degrease and sand all wood work to a smooth finish so the wood soaks in the paint. Once we are done with the sanding we then apply a Urethane Bonding Primer to all surfaces to help paint bond to the wood for best results. Once the bonding primer dries we then will apply 2 coats of Urethane Chip resistant finish to all cabinet surfaces. Once that is dry and we achieve the desired look the client wants. Once dry we bring the doors back and hang them on the cabinets. 

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