How To Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

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Your home interiors provide you with a sanctuary. That is why choosing the right interior paint colors is essential for making your home a place to relax and spend valuable time with your family and friends.

Choosing the right paint color that will suit your home’s interior can be challenging. The same color to match your interior’s structure can be challenging. What you need is to make all elements come into play perfectly.

From the wall color, accent wall, and which curtains to use to working with natural light, choosing interior paint colors is not as straightforward as it looks.

Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Each interior space has its unique challenges. The best interiors, overall, should match the personality of the owner. Hence, there are specific challenges that interior house painters should overcome.

Moreover, interiors also provide insight into today’s lifestyle. How we lived our lives two decades ago isn’t the same as we live now.

The paint colors we select play a substantial part in how our home’s interior serves our needs, aside from providing aesthetics.

1. Find Inspiration for Your Paint Colors

The latest magazines and certain interior design websites and social media channels, such as Pinterest, offers valuable inspiration for the best paint colors that can match your interiors.

The vast number of photos available may match your interior, your room’s shape, and how natural lighting affects your interiors. These photos are also reflections of the current trends which suit our current lifestyle.

2. Create a Color palette Through Color Theory

Uniform interior paint colors, especially white walls, may work well in certain rooms. However, for specific spaces, having variations in wall and ceiling colors using the right color scheme is essential to creating a unique personality in a room.

To prevent mismatches, use color theory to get the exact colors and shades to match what you want for your room. You can use paint chips when you discuss your choices of color with your professional house painter or when you are in a paint store.

Colors from the same color family will work on walls, while accent colors that work with that should still follow the rules of color theory to ensure that a certain balance is maintained.

Paint large swatches in person once the painting starts to check if the colors matched when you planned for it previously.

3. Use Undertones as Complementary Colors

Undertones are colors that lurk beneath the main paint color. Its effects are defined by different lighting because the paint appears slightly differently due to reflection.

For instance, cream with a green undertone works best for living rooms with substantial natural lighting.

On the other hand, cream with blue undertones is best for home offices with little natural light but has strategically-positioned accent lighting instead.

4. Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors for Your Home Interior Paint

Whether you want them for specific rooms or your entire home, the choice between using warm colors and cool colors defines how you want the atmosphere and feel in your room should be.

Warm colors, such as yellow and orange, brighten up dark rooms. These colors also encourage activity and active communication. Cool colors like white, green, gray, and blue are more relaxing. You may play with different choices of colors for your house.

For instance, you may use warm colors for your dining room. On the other hand, you may use cool colors for your bedroom and bath.

5. Bright vs. Dark Colors

Like warm vs. cool colors, the choice between bright and darker colors affects the atmosphere and feel of a room. If you want one room to appear larger and brighter, choose bringer colors because they reflect incident light better.

Dark colors, on the other hand, make spaces appear smaller and more intimate. You may use bright colors for areas with more activity, such as the kitchen.

While you may use dark colors for your bedroom to provide a feeling of calm and intimacy.

6. Create Harmonious Interiors Using the 60/30/10 Rule

For larger room sizes, the 60/30/10 rule works to create a harmonious and balanced feel. 60% of the color is reserved for the walls. 30% of the colors are complementary for furniture, such as sofas. 10% of the colors are for accent pieces or other exceptional pieces, which could come in the form of decorations, such as the accent wall, window treatments, or cushions.

This works well with any room in your house. For dining rooms, 60% of the color dominates the wall and ceiling, while the furniture takes up 30% of the color.

7. Neutral Colors Work Best With Natural Light

Though the choice of colors will always come down to personal taste and the type of atmosphere and feel in the room you want to have, using neutral colors, such as grey, cream, and wood tone provide a laid-back atmosphere that looks bright and light when in contact with natural lighting. Neutral colors work best for larger spaces, such as living rooms.

8. Select the Best Quality Paints During Paint Selection

Treat yourself to excellent home interiors by selecting only from the best paints by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Moreover, the shades and hues from these paint manufacturers match with requirements of contemporary homeowners.

9. Use a Color Consultant

A color consultant can help you if you have a specific color scheme in mind for your unique interiors. They know color theories and how light and color play best to enhance your entire space.

These professionals may suggest the focal point and lighting setup. In addition, they can also provide insights and tips for painting a room. This include which paints to choose and whether semi-gloss paint will work well for your room rather than a satin finish.

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