Factors That Affect The Exterior House Painting Cost

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Hiring professional painters for your exterior house painting job is one of the easiest ways to achieve the best curb appeal. However, you may need to consider the cost to paint your house. The factors that affect the exterior painting cost depend on the scale and complexity of the project. Wood siding will require a different coat of paint than vinyl siding. Aside from considering the area of the surface to be painted per square foot, we will also need to consider the labor costs and specialized services to ensure that we will provide you with the highest-quality paint job that will last for years. Being experienced in exterior painting jobs for a broad range of painting projects for over two decades, you can trust us to provide you with the best exterior paint for your house. Let us share the details so you will understand the facts behind the contract to give you an idea of the complex factors that affect the cost of an exterior painting project.

  1. Prep Work

To ensure the fresh coat of paint applies well to your home’s exterior surface, we must make adequate prep work. These may include power washing the surface, repairing holes in the surface trim, and preparing the paint’s surface. To give you an idea of what goes into prep work, here are some of the most commonly included activities:

Repairing Painting Surfaces

We will need to remove rotting or loose sidings and trim to ensure a smooth finish. You will also need to consider replacing some of these if patching can’t fully repair the surfaces that require painting.

Patching Job

Holes will develop over time on siding material. We will also need to fill nail holes and cracks to ensure the best paint application. To eliminate rough spots, or if there are tiny chips on your house’s exterior, we will need to apply layers of primer.

Sanding and Scraping Painting Surfaces

Once we patch imperfections on the painting surfaces, we will scrape and sand the excess materials.

Power Washing

To ensure the perfect application of paint, we need to clean the surface of your house exterior. We have the tools and experience to do power washing as part of our prep work.


Before proceeding with the paint job, we will caulk the gaps around door frames, window frames, fascia boards, and molding.


Applying primer is essential if you need to change the color of your house exterior, especially if you switch from a darker to a lighter shade.

  1. Your House Style

Another major factor that affects the exterior paint cost is the style of your house. Since the price per square foot dramatically affects the total paint cost, a complex structure will require more paint than others. Moreover, suppose you want to enhance your house exterior without compromising its architectural value. In that case, you need to select the best and most experienced house painters to complete these paint jobs efficiently.

Architectural Style

The difference in exterior painting costs between a colonial-style home and a brutalist industrial building is substantial. Exterior paint prices vary greatly. A colonial-style home exterior has more trims, siding material, millwork, and gutters than more modern architectural styles. Painting trim for these types of architecture will require more varied type of paint choices than when you paint house exterior of more modern buildings, thereby affecting the total cost of an exterior house painting job.

Age of the House

Forty-year-old houses have lead paint that you need to get rid of. To ensure the safety of the exterior house painters and the house residents, lead paint must be eliminated from the work site before proceeding with the paint job.

How Tall Your House Is

Aside from affecting the total cost to paint a house based on square foot, a two-story or three-story house will require more specialized equipment for exterior painters than painting a bungalow. Moreover, it will take more time to paint hard-to-reach places, thereby adding to the labor costs of your total exterior house painting cost.

  1. The Quality of Your Siding Material

To ensure that your paint exterior lasts a long time, you need to consider the quality of your siding material. We don’t recommend painting over rotting sidings or using the same types of paint for different siding materials.

Aluminum Siding: This siding material requires less paint than wood sidings or sidings made from other materials.

Wood Siding: The most popular choice for homes. Before applying a fresh coat, you must remove the old paint and prime the wood surface.

Engineered Wood Sidings: Engineered wood is less porous than natural wood but is usually pre-primed, costing less paint.

Brick Sidings: It takes less paint to paint brick sidings. However, you may require priming its surface first.

Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding tends to have a smoother surface. It is one of the least porous surfaces, so you must coat it first with an adhesive primer before applying exterior acrylic latex paint.

Bare exterior concrete: Concrete surfaces require a primer to prevent the paint from peeling. Moreover, concrete surfaces are porous, requiring more paint than other types of siding materials.

Stucco Siding: Stucco siding is one of the most challenging surfaces to paint. The more complex painting process affects the exterior house painting costs for houses with these type of surfaces.

  1. Other Exterior House Details

Aside from exterior siding, certain surfaces may require different paint types. Ensure that the following are included in your estimate:

  • Shutters or Blinds
  • Doors and Doorframes
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Garage Doors
  • Roof Overhang
  1. Your Home’s Location

The average exterior painting cost for homes in cities is generally more expensive than for homes in rural areas because of labor costs. However, if your home’s location is near the cheaper sources of materials, you may save money on shipment and delivery costs. However, one of the most critical considerations affecting the average exterior painting cost is the area’s climate. The climate will determine which type of house paint will last the longest.

Takeaways: Why Choose Chandler480 For Your Exterior House Painting Needs

We have finished a broad range of exterior painting project types in Arizona for over two decades. We know the climate, the types of surfaces, and the right paint that will always ensure an excellent paint job. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we can keep your exterior painting costs manageable. Best of all, we do more than paint a house exterior. We also do an excellent job on prep work.

Moreover, we can also do interior painting projects for you. For a free estimate, call us at 480-930-2360, or contact us. If you are looking for the best local house painters in Chandler Az, and the surrounding cities, you can rely on us to do an excellent job for you.

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