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Expert Woodworking in Chandler, AZ

Woodworking is our passion, and we want to bring our passion for serving our Arizona clients with our projects. If your project is for furniture making, wood carving, trims, wall accents, and more, we can provide you with excellent results every time!

Expert Woodworking in Chandler, AZ

Chandler 480 Painting, as home improvement professionals, have sought to provide woodworking as one of our services. With a wood shop complete with the latest tools, equipment, hand tools, power tools, and skills, we have a wide range of tools for various wood projects. Some of the tools we have include mortise chisels, sliding bevel, circular saw, bench plane, paring chisels, marking knives, tape measure, marking gauges, hand planes, and even drywall screws. Whatever your wood project may be, we have the necessary tools.

We found it an excellent idea to extend our passion for providing our clients with custom furniture, accents, and other products to bring life to their homes. We ensure that you will love our designs made from the finest hardwood, such as white oak, maple, mahogany, and walnut, among other materials. We can create any design of furniture or woodworking you desire, whether it’s a grain pattern on a wooden surface, a curved surface, or designs created using only hand tools. We guarantee that you will love our designs!

Woodworking Services Include

  • Exterior and Interior Furniture
  • Wall Accents
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Table and Chairs
  • Interior Trim
  • And More!
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